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    2014-07-23 09.17.03

    This year, Cathy has gone to great lengths to convert the back yard into a productive garden. Courtesy of her efforts and some (mostly effective) deer fencing, we have — corn. And squash. And beans. And raspberries. And strawberries. Also red leaf, romaine, and collard greens, plus rainbow chard. And broccoli, and carrots! And...

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    Beware the Worts of March

    by  • March 9, 2014 • Family & Friends, Galleries • 1 Comment

    Pepe at the top of his game

    Last weekend, my friend (and neighbor) Patrick came over on Sunday afternoon and we brewed our tenth and eleventh batches of beer, respectively. Well, for the sake of accuracy let me admit that mostly what we did was drink beer while giving Pepe directions on when to stir, which hops to add to a...

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    The Great Microsnowpocalypse of Whatcom County, 2014! Now with photos

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    When the “Special Weather Statement” prophesying snow, doom, and sledding chaos first appeared a few days ago, I raised my eyebrow once and then thought little of it. HOW MANY TIMES have such storms been predicted and tracked, publicized and prepared for, only to evaporate at the last moment like a drop of dew...

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    Murphy’s Story

    by  • July 12, 2013 • Events, Family & Friends, Galleries • 1 Comment

    Murphy thinks why god why

    This is Murphy. He’s a four year old border collie with traditional white “bib and boot” markings, bright eyes, and an unquenchable obsession with bouncy balls and bright lights. Depending on how one decides to calculate the relationship, he is either my step-grand-dog, my grand-dog-in-law, or merely a dog who belongs to someone I...

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    Northwest Gardening

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    Cathy Rain Gardener

    Ah, summer in the Northwest… the weather channel insists we have 100% sunny skies, but the reality is somewhat different. It’s a good thing Cathy is prepared for this sort of thing: Do note the huge, gigantic, almost inedibly-delicious looking flat of Box farm strawberries there. Stuff like that makes all the rain worthwhile.

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