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    Wrinkle Maps

    by  • December 26, 2012 • Bad Personal Philosophy • 0 Comments

    dermal filler face map003

    I just peeked in the mirror and was astonished to see how far the wrinkles around my eyes have spread (I understand these are referred to as periorbital wrinkles. They can be “addressed” by any number of surgical procedures or chemical treatments, or simply by avoiding actually focusing on things much, but that hardly...

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    Four Haiku for Winter

    by  • December 11, 2012 • Bad Personal Philosophy, Poetry • 0 Comments


    Winter’s wet, creeping onset has evidently put me into a poetical frame of thought — because somehow or other I stumbled across a collection of winter-themed haiku by Charles de Lint.  This one in particular leaped out at me: Shadow of a crow upon the snow is as black as the bird above Lovely,...

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    In a perfect world

    by  • October 22, 2012 • Bad Personal Philosophy, Politics • 0 Comments


    I’ve never understood why a sane, intelligent human being would want to squander so much of their life energy in a job where so many constraints are imposed, so little concrete success is possible, and such an unthinkable burden of responsibility is levied against you by the entire world. It’s a dirty job, but...

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    Liberty and Justice and Rhetoric, oh my…

    by  • October 15, 2012 • Bad Personal Philosophy, Events, Family & Friends, Politics • 0 Comments

    I had the most amusing rhetorical debate the other day. Since it’s the election season and pontification is a la mode, I thought I’d share. The conversation didn’t end entirely satisfactorily — I thought we’d maneuvered to the place where some important points were on the edge of being hammered into “true” or “false”...

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    Keep Yer Hands Off My Blunderbuss

    by  • August 29, 2012 • Bad Personal Philosophy, History, Politics • 1 Comment


    Alternative title: “Select Semi-Nonsensical Thoughts about Sanity and the Second Amendment.” COMPARISON During the American Revolution, firearm technology was incredibly advanced compared to the primitive firearms of the Medieval period and the even more unwieldy projectile weapons popularized in the Neolithic era.  The flintlock mechanism, invented nearly a century earlier, greatly improved the reliability...

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