• The Great Microsnowpocalypse of Whatcom County, 2014! Now with photos

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    When the “Special Weather Statement” prophesying snow, doom, and sledding chaos first appeared a few days ago, I raised my eyebrow once and then thought little of it. HOW MANY TIMES have such storms been predicted and tracked, publicized and prepared for, only to evaporate at the last moment like a drop of dew in a bitterly dry Nor’easter? I figured that there was realistically about a 7% chance of snow, and a 2.5% chance it would be a “real” snowstorm. I systematically ignored all further “winter storm watches” and other such nonsense.

    Well, folks, even the stingiest roulette wheel delivers a double-zero from time to time (at least in the continental US). This was one of those times.

    It just so happens that, when this little winter weather event unfurled itself into our lives, we happened to be entertaining guests. Specifically:

    Cecil the Incredible Stealth Cat

    Cecil the Incredible Stealth Cat

    Murphy the Amazing Bionic Dog

    Murphy the Amazing Bionic Dog

    Brooklyn, Wunderpuppy in Training!

    Brooklyn, Wunderpuppy in Training

    Together with this amazing crew, and powered by Puget Sound Electric™ and Cascade Natural Gas®, we weathered this Microsnowpocalypse. We do have scars — happy to show ’em to you any time.

    While Murphy and I were out investigating Squalicum Park, we found it occupied by a bunch of Whistler expatriates and Baker snowboard hippies.  The mood was quite festive, so neither Murphy nor I noticed immediately that we lost both of the balls we brought or that I suffered minor frostbite injuries*.  We were so entranced that we snapped a series of photos and later stitched them together into this panorama:


    It was a beautiful day, all told.  I’ll hardly even miss my frostbitten finger*.

    * Just kidding, as always.


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    1. March 6, 2014 at 6:51 pm

      So pretty! I especially liked the fire photo. We did not get snow in Tacoma :(

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