• Spring Project #1

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    In a previous post, I imagined a glorious remodeling of the landscape of the hillside streamward from our house.  Sadly, in the 1.7 years since I published that post, I have accomplished very few of my stated goals.

    HOWEVER, I have just recently completed a major milestone in the process: I have built a staircase down to the little strip of level ground halfway down into the Squalicum Creek flood plain.  I built it out of concrete, hand-mixed, because concrete is heavy and I am a masochist (evidently).  And I did not use a single straight edge in the process (“Line in nature is not found,; Unit and universe are round“).  I shaped each step using aluminum flashing with concrete blocks to hold the structure in place while it set.  108 bags of cement mix (that’s 6,480 lbs dry) makes 16 steps.

    I am very pleased with the results, and very much in need of chiropractic assistance.

    Here’s a photograph of the whole thing, complete with mud and weeds and recently planted miscellany:

    As I worked up from the bottom step, a sort of curving, glass-bead-and-seashell motif took shape.  Given more time, it probably would have become more elaborate.  A lot of my inspiration for the style comes simply from the debris that tends to fill my back yard — for example:

    This sort of sparkly debri is typical of the aesthetic of my back yard

    All design credit goes to Pepe y Pablo McEvoy-Salgado, the constant companions of our strawberry plants.

    And, in what can only be considered a sign of good fortune, this occurred immediately after I took these pictures:

    Surely a sign of good luck?

    Surely a sign of good luck?

    Rainbow over Ralph

    Rainbow over Ralph

    Now, that complete, it’s time to start planning the second half — which should require about twice as much concrete as the first =D

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