• Why HostMonster is dead to me

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    That’s right.  I’m running a wordpress install that gets a handful of visitors per day (seldom more than 20), a photo gallery that no one but le Goog ever visits, and a home grown front-end that receives perhaps a hundred hits per day and *barely* uses a MySQL database.  And this activity is so “intense” that HostMonster has “throttled” my account for more than 12 minutes in a single 24 hour period…  for activity that even moderately inadequate and overburdened hardware should be able to deliver in less than 40 seconds.

    No wonder I can no longer get a page to load in under 12 seconds.  Thanks a lot, HostMonster.

    I know I’m not the only person to experience similar problems.  I’m surprised to see so much obvious propaganda extolling their virtues — like this review, which is a whitewash if ever I saw one.  I suspect such material must be written either by folks who are being paid to publish a positive opinion OR who are pathological liars OR both.

    Dear anyone who is listening to me whining and whinging: if you are looking for inexpensive, functional web hosting: cross HostMonster off your list.

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