• Bad Hair Day

    by  • December 3, 2012 • News, Nonsense • 0 Comments

    When I woke up, my hair was like this:

    When I am done buzz-cutting it tomorrow night, it will look like this:

    My thoughts require ventilation and fresh air.

    Because right now, I’m thinking that if a work week exceeds the seven days of the Roman week, there should be a name for every additional day:

    Day 8: Glumesday.  This day is named in honor of Eeyore, the Patron Saint of Whiners everywhere.

    Day 9: Yaunsday.  Becauzzzzzzzzsnort it seems appropriate after a workday that runs til 3AM.

    Day 10: Shavasday.  This day is named after the “corpse pose” common to every Yoga discipline.

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