• Outdoor Movie Night: Princess Bride

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    Tomorrow, Friday, the 6th of this so-far very august month of July, there shalt be a showing of Princess Bride by the fireside of the McNielsen manse. If you choose to join us, please arrive around 9 o’clock with the expectation of beginning the viewing around 9:45 PM.

    As with our preview viewing, The Artist, there are at the time of this writing exactly FOUR negative reviews for this movie on Rotten Tomatoes; I will not dignify them with explication, Unlike our viewing of The Artist, this movie WILL NOT be rained out.

    Anyone ever noticed that the cover art for Princess Bride is clearly a rip-off of Maxfield Parrish?

    The Princess Bride

    Not the Princess Bride

    The rules are as always the same:

    • Dress in layers. Even with the fire, summer nights in these here parts can be mighty chilly. Blankets are not a terrible idea, but if you bring one, expect it to smell like woodsmoke by the end of the evening.
    • Bring provisions for yourself (and others, if you feel generous). We can be counted upon to provide popcorn and water with certainty. Everything else is dependent on our mood at the time =)
    • Any fireworks will be confiscated and “disposed of” later by yours truly.
    • Don’t worry about seating — we’ve got plenty to go around.
    • If you bring hot-dogs, no one will think less of you and I might even be able to scare up a skewer or two. If you bring s’mores, do bring enough to share =)
    • This really is a movie night. Once we roll tape, please silence your phone and try to refrain from this sort of behavior. If you FAIL TO COMPLY WITH THIS SIMPLE RULE, I will feel compelled to join in and then Cathy will kick my butt later. So, please… work with me here.

    Those are really all of the rules I can think of for now.

    Cheers until tomorrow night!

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    1. July 6, 2012 at 1:02 pm

      Wallace Shawn smiled at me once in a grocery store!
      Thanks again for hosting!

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