• A Tale of Three Sushi Joints

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    Because the fourth is on Wednesday, the work week has been neatly bisected into two equal parts and Tuesday turned into a bonus Friday.  What better way to celebrate this second Friday than by going out and chowing down on one of our favorite types of food?  It’s a better question than it sounds like.

    Blue Fin has recently become our favorite sushi place in Bellingham.  They use only top-notch ingredients, their service is friendly and attentive, and they have a greater variety of rolls than anyone in town (the Crazy Monkey’s use of jalapeno is particularly tasty).  So, ravenously hungry, we hopped in the car and zoomed up Samish way and found this:

    Obey the Signage

    Frustrated and hungry, we deliberated.  Cathy wanted food fast; she suggested Busara Thai.  But I came for sushi and by God, sushi I’d have.  Moshi Moshi, I said.  Once our favorite, they had fallen from grace in favor of Pad Thai’s (now Asian 1’s) sushi bar and A&W Bistro, but I still had a fond spot in my heart for them.  Promising to drive like Cruella DeVille, I autobahned over to Sunset in, like 4.25 minutes, scattering bicyclists and mothers with prams like pigeons from a park bench.  I had to drive by the storefront twice to believe my eyes:


    We were flabbergasted. How can this be? we cried, proceeding to weep and gnash our teeth.

    And then somehow, as if caught in a vortex of hunger and fate, we ended up driving by Little Tokyo in Barkley Village.

    “Worth a shot,” I said.

    “Can’t be as bad as we remember,” said Cathy.

    And we ordered.

    In their defense: most of the rolls weren’t all that bad. The Philadelphia roll had too much cream cheese, and every roll except the Shiitake + Avacado roll had waaaaay too much cucumber jammed into it, throwing the flavors a little of balance. The salmon nigiri was of quite decent quality, and the ama ebi was also of fine quality. But the spider roll… tasted like it had been made out of this:

    Disgusting Spider Roll From Hell

    Rare and delicious fillet of dead mystery fish, sun-cured, expertly prepared using unsanitized meat cleaver

    In their defense, the restaurant did not bill me for the bad roll once I told them how bad it was — I believe they may have gone rooting around in their ingredients and confirmed that all was not well in their ingredient fridge — and they even gave us a free dessert, which neither of us was really hungry for.

    But that will never erase the memory of that awful roll. I will never go there again.

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