• Dream Diary: Death & Destruction with a side order of happy

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    Okay, by way of preface: I had this dream last night a little before 2AM. It woke my up so thoroughly and strangely that I came downstairs, documented it, and then went back to sleep still under its influence.

    I just had the most vivid and pleasant dream of apocalyptic destruction by meteor strike.

    It was night time, clear and starry. It obviously wasn’t the first meteor because most everyone seemed to be gone and everything was torn up. I had been with a group of people waiting but as the time of our destruction drew near, I left them to face death alone.

    The meteor passed overhead in the atmosphere with little streamers of burn-off unfurling to either side like strings of confetti, then paused near the horizon and changed direction, coming back. The ground began to shake. I was standing next to a train line and far ahead of me I began to see clouds of dirt, and fire, and magma flying high. I began to shout out the names of people I loved, but the wave of destruction leaped towards me so rapidly that I stopped with my tongue full of unspoken names and began to run towards it.

    There was a brief lull, and a maple tree ahead of me shattered into pieces. Half of it nearly fell on me and I thought with dismay that I may be crushed rather than consumed, but it dropped with an explosion of branches just to the side. The heat from behind was intense. And then the sky began to fall again, tearing up fresh clouds of stone and flame. The ground ahead of me was hammered into eruptions of magma. I ran towards it again, along with another man who was watching next to me, and then the ground at my feet ruptured up into a column of flame, and I through myself into it with such a profound sense of joy and release that I am still glowing now, ten minutes later, awake.

    I do not typically have dreams that are as vivid or as visceral as this one was. Despite both of these qualities, it has left a strangely positive stamp on me for most of the day. If the end of the world is anything like it… sign me up.

    UPDATE: I happened across this comic explicating an existentialist definition of the sublime.  This is EXACTLY what this dream felt like.  Two years later (3/12/2014), my mind still wanders over the surface of this dream periodically.

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    1. cathy mcdonald
      April 24, 2012 at 6:58 pm

      Joy in destruction of a universe as one knows it? Peace in release? Consumption by fire?

      Question for the day after (yuk yuk): how do you feel now?

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