• Ridiculous Lawsuits

    by  • October 13, 2011 • Cinema, News, Nonsense • 0 Comments

    Court is IN SESSION, DAMN IT

    I’ve been wanting to see Drive — I’m a little afraid to watch it because it looks rather violent. Also, it has the dreaded 1.4 critical-to-popular approval ratio on Rotten Tomatoes — I can usually do okay with 1.25 and below, but 1.4 is pretty damn high for my blood.

    Well, it looks like not all moviegoers are taking it’s high-falutey-ness sitting down. According to CNN, an independent viewer is suing the studio that produced the movie (and the theater she saw it at) for NOT INCLUDING ENOUGH DRIVING IN THE MOVIE. And she’s trying to turn it into a class action lawsuit.

    I will presume the legal systems of Europe would never tolerate such tomfoolery — if so, Roberto Benigni would never have been able to make another movie after La vita รจ bella.

    Would anyone like any butter flavored grease on their tort reform?

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