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    Okay, so I finally gave in to the ten year itch and got myself my own, personal website.  Now I, too, can enjoy the hassle of administering my own blogs, setting up my own image galleries, and fending off my very own spam attacks.  W00t.

    On the upside, perhaps I will no longer appear in the “Luddites” section of Tim Smith’s Friends Page.  Oh, wait a sec — I didn’t appear there to begin with.  Humph.

    Why now? you may ask.  Why, indeed.   I survived the dot-com implosion, a freakishly premature mid-life crisis, unemployment, secondary education, postmodernism, and working for a HVAC contractor — all without my own website.  Necessity was clearly not a motivating factor.

    Several alternative reasons:

    1. Accessorization.  I already have most of the gadgetry required to maintain a decent standard of living in this complicated technological age.  This was the next rational step for keepin’ up with the Joneses.
    2. Freedom of Expression.  My previous blog (presently located at prweblogs.com, but destined soon for the scrap heap) was provided by the previous owner of the company I work for today.  Since he sold the company and subsequently made himself scarce, relationships there have deteriorated into a series of deeply entrenched, politically unstable hostilities.   As a result, the “free” speech available through that medium has fallen prey to this cold war mentality.  I do long to speak freely again.
    3. Fun, fun, fun!  My career involves doing a great deal of web development, but the interests of professionalism often curtail the most amusing and exciting aspects of this job.  For instance, the people in marketing and product development rarely want to see “their” product manifest a mere technician’s sense of humor.  No animated gifs, hidden penis references, or colorful animations.  If a sense of humor is called for, it should be a marketing sense of humor.  Damn them.
    4. Exhibitionism.  I have a lot of non-technical product — oil paintings, digital music, poetry, and prose — with very little outlet.  It is time these things saw the light of day.  They may be dreadful (indeed, I can guarantee you that many of them are), but they have languished in closets and garages, and on my hard drive, for a sufficiently long time.

    So, there you have it.  I have a new home.

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